Solargraphy Isolation project

Due to the current situation, the build on the new darkroom has been put on hold until its safe to continue. In the meantime, we want to remain active in the community and here on social media, so we are proposing a little project for people to get involved with at home – we’re calling it the Solargraphy Isolation Project.
Solargraphy is the process of recording very long exposures onto light sensitive paper with a basic pinhole camera. cameras facing the path of the sun will record the suns journey each day getting lower/higher in the sky each day (seen as white lines in the image here)
We invite you all to make a solargraph pinhole camera from an empty can – instructions on how to make one below – and leave it outside or in a window to record the outside world during these challenging times. The camera must remain in the same place, without being moved, for as long as you like (we’re proposing until things start to return to normal), the image produced is then scanned or photographed to preserve it, we’ll then share everyone’s images here and will look into having an exhibition at the new darkroom when we’re open.
Most things you will have at home, you will need photographic paper, some of you might have this, most won’t, so, whilst the postal service is still up and running we’ll post out a few sheets of photo paper to anyone who needs some, just drop us an email  – – and we’ll get some sent out.